Helping everyday Australians generate wealth and financial security through direct property ownership. It is a one stop shop for those with only just a thought of investing, to the committed long term investor.

The Property Warehouse provides, education, the means of investing, Financial Advice on investing and Superannuation, Mortgage comparison and structures, Legal advice, property selection and all tied together with ongoing Management.

Always cover the Money!! How much will this cost me??

When purchasing direct property, you normally deal with an agent working for the vendor, makes sense since the vendor is paying the commission to the agent.

You may go through a Marketing company running seminars organized through a large costly campaign. These companies are good at introducing people to investment in property, but need to sell property that can cover their large overheads which are generally built into the pricing.

The Property Warehouse on the other hand acts as a Buyer Agent, working for the investor. The P W offers the investor properties that have been researched and fit the individual requirements of each investor. Prices negotiated and valuations done, assuring value for money. As with a normal purchase, T P W receives a fee paid by the vendor for offering his property in the Warehouse.